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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, July 14, 2021

Behavioral Change Strategies Push Nationwide Vaccination

Commentary by Moustafa Kamel, R.Ph, P.G.C.M

(OMNS July 14, 2021) Since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic narrative, all are led to one conclusion and one conclusion only:

"Vaccination is the only way out. Everyone must get the vaccine if we really want to go back to normal."

Despite that, many people are against this only-one-way solution. This brought to the surface a new set of tools in the authorities' arsenal, which is using creative behavioral change strategies to push the mass vaccination agenda.

One example was published by the UK National Health Service (NHS) and dated December 2020 on their local government portal. But it was soon removed when met by condemnation by a huge number of independent investigators and free thinkers [1,2] Removing the document from the website while still keeping the same strategy in place as announced on the same portal [3] raises many questions.

The document is evidently meant to support those who communicate the message of vaccination roll-out and it has a bunch of dos and don'ts based on behavioral psychology insights as shown in the opening slide (below).


The document is supposed to support communication with the following population cohorts:

  • System Leaders, Manager and Coordinators
  • Health and Care Workers (Immunizers)
  • Care Home Residents
  • Over 65s
  • Health and Care Workers (Recipients)
  • Young People

Generally speaking, nothing in the document is specifically supported by logic or scientific data. Every single statement is tinted with emotions, hidden threats and fear mongering vocabulary. This is so lacking in substance given the fact these are guidelines to communicate with those different cohorts and it only rings one bell. There is apparently no real convincing data to support this coercive strategy. This is also supported by what you see everywhere in incentivizing people to take the vaccine by getting a free fast-food meal, free donut or a free beer when what people really need is a free choice.

This appears to contradict the words in the slide below, where they state that:

"Clinicians will have the vaccine but need more information on efficacy and safety before they do"


As you read through the different cohorts, the following comments are relevant:

  • As if they know that what they are communicating will be easily sensed as coercion or obligation, they always include that in the Don't list "Don't allow perception of coercion or obligation" as if saying "Push them without letting them feel it!" is best.
  • As noted in almost every page, those behavioral insights are based on MINDSPACE framework that one can find and download for further reading [4]
  • Emphasizing the importance of vaccination to achieve herd immunity as if it is the only way to achieve this goal and ignoring the fact that herd immunity is almost achieved in many spots of the world. It appears this is meant to add pressure while pushing people to take the jab.
  • One can easily grasp that exactly the same behavioral messaging has been used upon the population with lockdowns, PCR testing, mask wearing and social distancing.
  • A more honest approach would be to acknowledge that a variety of measures can be used in unison to lower the risk of infection, and that each has its advantages and disadvantages. [5] The Orthomolecular approach appears to be one of the safest with few of the side effects and negative consequences of vaccines, lockdowns, mask wearing, and social distancing. [6-17] Although very safe and effective, orthomolecular protocols require attention to eat an excellent diet, and to maintain appropriate doses of vitamins and minerals. [6-17]

Cohort - Systems Leaders, Managers and Coordinators

It pretty shocking to realize that the verbal packaging of words for this cohort were designed to persuade and manipulate feelings and emotions. Some of those persuasion tools, I remember from my career of a full decade in Big Pharma, were deemed forbidden because your company could be sued if you attempted to use them to persuade healthcare professionals on anything - surprisingly, even if it is supported with data.

Some important notes

SALIENCE: in order to keep it simple, you never address the evidence behind the vaccine. Published evidence has never mentioned "eradicating the virus", and has not shown that the vaccine has the ability to provide immunity without risk of side effects.

DEFAULTS: Science is a continuing process; it never settles the "truth." We know now that the safety profiles of the recently developed RNA vaccines are quite different than those of previous vaccines based on antigen proteins.

NORMS: so instead of making a well informed decision, one tends to just follow what others in our social circle are saying... it can't be stated otherwise. See the slide below:


Cohort - Health and Care Workers (Immunizers)

Here you get the false sense of a motivational speech with the illusion of both transparency and tolerance, which you never see in real practice. Those who refuse to serve as immunizers get labeled or fired and those who have asked critical questions about the vaccine tend to get treated as naughty children asking about things they should never ask about.

Nevertheless, calling those in the immunizer team "heroes" has been an effective way to to give a false sense of pride to inoculators of a non-approved vaccine.

A preferable and more honest way to motivate workers would be to provide a short video course (30-60 minutes) about all the available methods to reduce risk from infection, including vaccines, social distancing, mask wearing, and orthomolecular protocols to empower the immune system. [6-17] The advantages and disadvantages of each method could be presented along with a summary sheet providing further background and references. This way, the front line health care workers would have a more balanced basis for treatments, and could more readily answer questions from the public.


Cohort - Care Home Residents

For this cohort, things really get weird!

They get incentivized with "personal protection, quality of life, family access, and return to normal". The problem is, life hasn't returned to normal for most of us. The authorities continue to announce that taking the vaccine doesn't mean you are protected from the virus

They have been promised to receive an explanation about "what to expect when getting the vaccine, potential side effects and what to do if feeling unwell." However, this couldn't be further from the truth -- for only one reason-- nobody knew what to expect. This illusion of certainty and falsely claimed confidence was the reason people never understood the grave consequences of vaccination and its potential serious side effects.

A preferable way to encourage residents of care homes would be to explain that orthomolecular protocols can lower risk of infection, are safer than vaccines, and can also reduce the vaccine side effects. In that way, residents of care homes can understand that they will be safer making use of several types of treatment. With adequate levels of essential nutrients in the body, the choice to get vaccinated is less critical as the immune system can fight infections and lessen severe reactions to the vaccine. [6-13] And for those care home residents who get an infection, it can be treated quickly and efficiently with nebulized hydrogen peroxide. [16]


Cohort - Over 65s

This one appears to be an inappropriate blackmailing technique by incentivizing with freedom, for example stating "freedom do what you enjoy, such as group classes, swimming, seeing friends and family, and getting your life back." and threatening them with DEATH "The virus isn't getting weaker. Over 65s are over 3 times more likely to die if you get COVID. Think about how you will feel if you do not get vaccinated and end up with COVID-19"

But we know that all these are unsupported claims.

Moreover, for the so-called medical authorities to claim transparency by deeming alternative views as misinformation is a very manipulative strategy.

A better strategy would be to explain that many individuals tend to have deficiencies of essential nutrients as they age, and that these deficiencies are in large part the cause of higher mortality rate from viral infections. [12] As we age, we tend to eat less because our need for energy declines, but our need for essential nutrients increases. Then explain that since the side effects of vaccines can largely be prevented with adequate body levels of essential nutrients, eating an excellent diet along with adequate doses of vitamin and mineral supplements can ease the decision to get a vaccine -- and lower the risk of illness. [13] Treatment of a sore throat or cough that signals a viral infection is fairly straightforward by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. [16] Since a variety of methods can reduce risk of severe infection in older people, eating an excellent diet, taking supplements of essential nutrients, and getting a vaccine can all be informed decisions. [6-17]


Cohort - Health and Care Workers (recipients)

It would be expected that Health and Care Workers receive the most credible information as they might have some critical opinions. But, unfortunately, the same language of manipulative pain and pleasure incentives are still being used: "The vaccine will reduce transmission of the virus in addition to reducing severity of the illness. Therefore, quarantine and PPE are not an alternative to a vaccine." These exhortations are given even though it is clearly communicated by knowledgeable health authorities and the manufacturing companies that the vaccine doesn't fully protect the vaccinated.

It gets even worse when health and care workers are rewarded by "Soon, we will be able to go back to our usual way of working," or "You can safely see your vulnerable friends and relatives after you get vaccinated" Consider incentives like celebratory Staff and Family Days, once things are "back to normal." Or, "the vaccine will reduce PPE requirements over time"! None of these are proven claims or actually happen.

Health care workers should take the short video course (30 - 60 mins) on the variety of methods to reduce risk of infection, and receive a background sheet with references, so they can critically check out the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Vaccines are known to have side effects, and aren't 100% reliable in preventing infection, whereas orthomolecular protocols are much safer and empower the immune system -- for present viruses, and future variants-- without causing side effects. [6-17]


Cohort - Young People

And now to the most heart breaking with what we know now about the blood clots and the heart inflammation risk.

Where the young population were psychologically the most affected by unneeded suffering of depression, anxiety, drug abuse and suicide, here they are using this tactic to persuade them to get vaccinated with unsupported claims about asymptomatic transmission and unproven efficacy of protection if both subjects are vaccinated.

They are only leading here with a claim that everything outside the authorities' narrative is a "Conspiracy Theory" and that the only reason they exist is that "Trust has been lost" as if using those manipulative techniques and insights may bring back the trust -- which one strongly doubts.

A better approach would be to explain that an excellent diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, and supplements of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, allows the body to grow strong, empowers the immune system and lowers the risk of infection and side effects of vaccines. [6-17] This presents a more balanced view of methods to prevent infection.


General recommendations to improve the document under scrutiny and improve communication with the public regarding the highlighted vaccine(s):

  • Clearly separate facts and data from unsupported claims, emotional manipulation and speculations to help everyone see the clear picture and take a better informed health decision. [5]
  • Use multi-perspective collaborative efforts with the help of all recognized experts and scientists and with a deep understanding that science is a continuing process to regain trust and provide real value.
  • Identify the conflict of interest points in health care systems to be aware of the sources of biased decision making.
  • Always lead with the fact that these are unlicensed and experimental vaccines -- because they really are!!
  • Immediately stop all strict procedures like lockdowns, masking, social distancing and PCR testing that have been proven either unnecessary and unhelpful - or even harmful- in this situation. They just tend to increase fear and push for vaccination.
  • Promote safe cost-effective treatments like Orthomolecular protocols, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. A protocol of vitamin D (5000 IU/d), vitamin C (1500-3000 mg/d in divided doses), magnesium (400-600 mg/d, divided doses in malate, citrate, or chloride form), and zinc (20-50 mg/d) can greatly reduce the risk of infection. [6-17]
  • Apply the Nuremberg Code 1947 to every communication with the public regarding these vaccines [18] ... because it applies!!

(Moustafa Kamel, R.Ph, P.G.C.M is a registered pharmacist and Postgraduate Studies holder in Management from Glasgow, UK. He worked for the pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade and has been in the training and consulting business for more than another decade. Dr. Kamel is Editor, Arabic Edition of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.)


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